This site is dedicated to stories about small and often overlooked events┬áthat still creates pain. An example would be going to the store, but forgetting to buy the apples that were the most important ingredient for dinner. These are serious matters, and even though we don’t want to make a big deal out of it, how could it possibly be avoided? The store might be no more than 50 yards away, but that’s not the point. We still have to restart the playlist and plug in our earphones, put on the jacket, go back the same way, being angry and not letting the situation go. We might even have to let out some of our anger by yelling at the cashier because he or she didn’t remind us to take another look at the shopping list.

There are two kinds of pain:

The kind you can touch with your hand; the kind you can feel in your heart, your soul, the spiritual side. And you know, the worst of the two is the spiritual.

From the movie Mean Streets

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