18 Sep

The Pain Of Waking Up During A Nice Dream

I was having the best dream a few days back. I was playing for the top basketball team, being their MVP. I was rich, the crowd was cheering just for me, and I was just about to complete a slam-dunk. Then my focus suddenly shifted to some people tearing down all the wallpapers in the building.what did I do pet I didn’t even know sport-centers and arenas had wallpapers, but apparently they did. It was the most annoying sound and I couldn’t get back in the game. Suddenly everything became a blur. I woke up to the sound of my dog scratching and dragging his nails on the floor, like he was trying to dig up some kind of bone from underneath all the parquet. Not being able to clear a path downwards didn’t stop him, instead it just accelerated his efforts. When I tell him to stop, he just looks at me like “What? I didn’t do anything”.


There’s just no going back to sleep with that sound, and this isn’t the first time it happens. So today I started thinking about how to improve the sleep quality of my dog. Because if he doesn’t wake up, then neither do I. Some sites online pointed to the importance of having a good dog bed. I barely knew such a thing existed, but can remember vaguely having seen something similar in the pet store a while back. After looking in to this a bit more, I am convinced that a luxury dog bed will help my pet┬ásleep better. As this matter is not something I take lightly, I have decided to get the very best for him. There’s no point in buying a cheap one at first and having to go back and upgrade to one of the fancy dog beds later on.

sleeping in fancy dog bedsThe thing is that waking up like this is not something that can be annoying for a couple of minutes, then you forget about it and go back to sleep. My dog just continues digging after that imaginary bone until the sun comes up. So clearly only the best fancy dog beds will do, with orthopedic foam and extra soft edges. My only fear now, is if he starts snoring. Then I might have to give up and buy myself some earplugs. Dalai Lama once said:

Sleep is the best meditation

And I couldn’t agree more.

Maybe now I will be able to finish some of my dreams and finally get that trophy on the basketball field. I think my dog is going to feel a lot better too when he’s got a proper bed to sleep in. No wonder he’s been looking a bit tired lately, because he must be having an even more difficult time than me at night. But then again, he’s able to take naps throughout the day, while I can’t unless I want my boss to come screaming. Tonight, I’m going to put on some soothing music and regain some of the lost sleep from these past months. I’ll have to see tomorrow if these fancy dog beds really does work as well as they say. If so, both me and my dog will be a lot happier.

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